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Steven Universe – What the Kids are Saying

Steven Universe
The thought of fusing different kinds of gems together, like Pearl and Amethyst, is why I was interested in the show Steven Universe. And it doesn’t hurt that most of the episodes are really funny!  I can think of two funny episodes as examples. The first is the episode when Pearl is looking for her missing gem sword. Then Steven asks, “Have you seen my pants anywhere?” Out of nowhere!

The second example is when Steven wants to see Pearl and Amethyst fuse into Opal, so he sings a song about it. Here it is:

I also like how every gem is a certain things . Rubies are soldiers, Pearls are servants, Amethysts are soldiers/bodyguards, Diamonds are leaders, and Steven is a quartz after his mother. My birthstone gem is a Pearl, but I also love Peridots.

Everything in the show sounds so funny and I want everyone to know, NO HATING STEVEN UNIVERSE ON MY WATCH! EVER! IF YOU HATE IT, YOU’RE INSANE!!!!!!!!

Sponsor: Sketchbook Comics and Games
Sponsor: Sketchbook Comics and Games

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