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The Weekly Comet – July 9, 2018

The Weekly Comet

Hey Nation,

Welcome to Pulp Nation’s The Weekly Comet (brought to you by our friends at Sketchbook Comics & Games!) for the week of July 9, 2018.

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What’s Good




The ladies of GLOW are in for the fight of their professional lives when their TV slot is given to a group of male wrestlers.

GLOW season 2 was released on Netflix June 29, 2018 and it’s even better than season 1. Here’s what Netflix has to say:

“As Ruth and Debbie settle into the day-to-day of making a season of TV together, they confront lingering issues at the heart of their friendship. Sam is still Sam, but now he has a teenage daughter living with him and 20 episodes to churn out. The wrestling is harder, the stakes are higher, and the hair is even bigger.”

What are you waiting for? It’s time to step in the ring!

New Lieutenants of Metal

New Lieutenants of Metal

New Lieutenants of Metal #1 (of 4) is a rockin’ read! I picked it up last week on the advice from my pal Geoff at Sketchbook and it didn’t disappoint.

If you love summer blockbuster films, you will absolutely love New Lieutenants of Metal! Masterfully written by Joe Casey, with first-rate art from Ulises Fariñas, vibrant colors from Melody Often, and charming letters from Rus Wooton; it’s a blockbuster in print!

What’s Exciting


I already have a copy of the original independent run of RUINWORLD, but I can’t wait to see what kaBoom! Studios has done with Derek Laufman‘s creation.

RUINWORLD #1 (of 5) will be released on July 11, 2018 with a Laufman cover and Sean Galloway variant!

The Dead Hand #4

The Dead Hand Cover


The Dead Hand is my favourite comic right now. I can’t say enough good things about it. You need to get your hands on this book.

Issue #4 is coming out this week, July 11, 2018. If you haven’t put in your pull already, you may just miss out.

What’s Surprising

Logan Director James Mangold Response to Fan Backlashes

This past week, I wrote an article about Ahmed Best and his near-suicide due to so-called fans of Star Wars attacking him for the portrayal of a fictional film character. Sadly, I’m not surprised by these pitiful fan reactions.

Here’s what I’m pleasantly surprised about: More and more creators are starting to call fans out for despicable behaviour. Even in the face of further mistreatment, Logan director Mangold took to twitter a couple days ago to warn fans that many “bolder minds” won’t consider working on large franchises.

Good for Mangold—and the numerous others taking a stand. The best way to deal with bullies is to confront them head-on.

Nation, what’s good and has you excited! Tell us!

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