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Interview with Derek Laufman of RUINWORLD

I recently got a chance to speak with Derek Laufman of kaBoom! Studios’ RUINWORLD.

derek laufman interview
Derek Laufman of RUINWORLD

Congratulations Derek! RUINWORLD has hit the shelves! How did you feel when you received the finished product from kaBoom! Studios?

Very happy and excited, a little nervous as well. You want people to like what you’ve created and now when you are holding the thing you’ve made, there is no turning back. Either they will or they won’t. You’ve done the work and now it’s time to see what others think.

How did it compare to holding the first copy of your independent run of RUINWORLD?

Both were similar. Holding something you’ve worked so hard on there is definitely a sense of pride there. I had achieved an important milestone with each one, it feels great. I’m extremely excited to get the story into more hands with the help of BOOM! Studios.

What would you say was the key to RUINWORLD getting picked up?

Having an entire issue completed was definitely helpful to demonstrate what I could do as a creator and show the potential of the story and the characters. As someone new to the comic scene I believe it played an integral roll in helping me land a publishing deal with BOOM! Studios. The other key factor was having my now editor Whitney Leopard believe in the book. She was the one who pitched it internally for me and ultimately led to the book getting picked up. I owe her a lot of thanks for believing in the series and helping me see it through.
Ruinworld, Derek Laufman
Image: Derek Laufman

Derek’s been in the comics industry for a long time; and for most of that time, he’s been freelancing. At times, freelancing is a tough go and it got me to thinking about obstacles and how to overcome them. I had two more questions for Derek.

To this point in your career, what’s the most challenging obstacle you’ve had to overcome in the comic industry?

The biggest challenge so far has been managing my time. I have to balance RuinWorld with my heavy freelance schedule and spending time with my family. I’ve worked a lot of late nights and weekends leading up to these issue deadlines.

Nearly every person I know has wanted to throw in the towel on a goal at one point for whatever reason. Have you ever felt that way and what would say to aspiring creators, and just people in general, who feel this way?

There are times when I’ve had to sit down and write and I couldn’t get into that head space. I’m so used to drawing all day and it’s my comfort zone. So as someone who’s new to writing I don’t have many tricks to help my brain snap into it. I’d say that’s been the most challenging part of this process creatively. My advice is to just plant yourself down and write something, anything. Even if it’s bad. Just start and you’ll be surprised how much you can get done once you start going.

Great advice from a great creator and an ever better person.

Congratulations Derek on RUINWORLD! Here’s to future success!

RUINWORLD #1 (of 5) is available now at your LCS!

In St. Catharines, Sketchbook Comics and Games has you covered.

In Niagara Falls, Freakshow Comics has the goods!

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