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Music’s Ivory Tower – The Foo Fighters Rocked!

Take Foo from Me, It was FABULOUS.

Foo Fighters, Foo Fighters Band
The Foo Fighters

A Dream Come True, The Foo Fighters in Concert!

I finally was able to see the Foo Fighters in concert this past Thursday, July 12. I had tickets years ago but dumped Dave in favour of a good night’s sleep before a big job interview the following day. Well, I got the job, lost the job, and found my soulmate (Bradley of Pulp Nation) because of my decision six years ago to forsake the Foo. Of course it worked out but that didn’t change my desire to see the Foo.

Bradley Shea
My soulmate Bradley, Hubba Hubba

My unbelievably amazing sister got tickets for the concert for my hubby, myself and her, so I was finally able to see my Davey Grohl. The six years between concerts opportunities had seen my family, friends, and random strangers being subjected to my loss. Students I taught knew I loved the Foo; Dave and the band would randomly show up on exams, in bullet points, slides, and even a video or two shown in lecture.

Y’all Need Foo Fighters

I remember clearly the day I ‘Found Foo.’ On one of my many drives to school, I was listening to 102.1 the Edge, out of Toronto. They played a Foo Fighters set, during which, with each song, I found myself saying ‘holy crap! That’s their song? That one too?’ I had no idea that I was already a fan. That was 2009.

Foo Fighters Symbol, Foo Fighters Logo

Since then, I have read Foo-related books (This is a Call: The life and times of Dave Grohl by Paul Brannigan (2011); From Cradle to the Stage by Virginia Grohl (2017)) watched Foo Fighters: Back and Forth (2011) 100s of times, studied their videography, and bought numerous albums. Basically, I tried to backstroke in the Foo until they came around again.

Well they came, I saw, and I cried (yes, Dave ran out and I cried). I loved every minute of the show. EVERY MINUTE. He was Dave, the Dave I wanted, the Dave I expected. He worked hard. Nat, Taylor, Chris, Pat (love Pat!) and Rami, they killed it!

Dave Grohl
The Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl performs at RFK Stadium on Saturday, July 4, 2015, in Washington. (Photo by Nick Wass/Invision/AP)

Then I read Ben Rayner’s July 13th Toronto Star article about the band and the concert I had attended. Yes, Mr. Rayner gave the band a whooping 3 out of 4 stars however, he concluded his piece by saying;

And any band that can trick a bunch of elbow-throwin’ bros in backwards ballcaps into losin’ it over a straight-up My Bloody Valentine rip like “Everlong” as an encore is always gonna be okay in my books.

Wait a Second, Foo Fighters are “Perpetual Artistic Underachievers”? – I think not!

Wait… I’m sorry, what? I re-read the article, trying to find some agreement within myself, hoping to uncover something that I could point to and say “Well there, that’s what I don’t get! Mr. Rayner is an esteemed music critic, he knows these things” So when my beloved band is referred to as “perpetual artistic underachievers”, if I couldn’t see it myself, it was my ignorance. I mean I’m just a fan, right?

Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl

I couldn’t truly square myself with what was written within that Toronto Star article. But again, I am just a fan. I looked around many, many times, and was continually struck by the diverse melange of fans, a medley of people if you will. To be honest, I must have been seated in the diverse, rock-lovin seats; the “elbow-throwin’ bros” must have been in their own section. I sat near family of 4; 2 couples who would likely have been preppies in their younger years; and a girl with her man and friend (her man had spacers and her friend had violet hair and a nose ring).

Were there fans who met the directional ball cap description? Yes. But there were so many more. Kids, parents, couples, older people, young people. And why? Because the Foo Fighters are an honest, rock loving, hard working group of good people. I wanted all the old hits and could not give a flying f#@% if some albums were skipped (I really didn’t care if Dave said they would play one from every album, I got to see Dave!!!!)

Dave Grohl

It was a rock extravaganza. A rock concert put on by my favourite band. I loved the cover tunes during the band introductions, I love the dicking around, and I don’t care how many times Dave arranges the set so that his daughter can come out and sing. HE IS DAVE GROHL!!! He earned it!

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