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Fortnite Training Day One for User RolledSpine

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Well folks, I’ve been recruited for Fortnite training (Epic Games User: RolledSpine, for those who want to add me). Apparently, my eldest son thinks I’d be good enough to play in one of those fancy Fortnite tournaments.

Mind you, not for this year’s tourney; next year’s.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love gaming, but I’ve never been very good at it. Especially, when it comes to the player vs. player (PVP) atmosphere.

Problem is, I don’t want to embarrass my kid because I’m inept, and I don’t also don’t want to embarrass myself.

So, in the hopes of avoiding both, Fortnite training begins today!

My first obstacle, and it’s always my first obstacle, is keybindings. I’m a leftie; gaming is designed for righties.

It always takes a me a bit to figure out the best keybinds for me. It’s not just a matter of putting the mouse on the lefthand side; I’ve basically got to reverse them and even then it takes me a number of sessions to figure out how they should go.

FortNite, Fortnite Training
Image Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite Training Matches – Day One

I started training with the mindset of getting the lay of the land and gathering materials/weapons. And maybe taking some shots at other players.

Match 1: I was trying different weapons and killed myself with some kind of sticky grenade (I later found out it was a clinger). Well, I actually knocked myself down and just watch my health meter slowly go down before finally succumbing to my wounds.

Match 2: I didn’t jump off the bus until the very last moment. Basically, I ended up running around gathering items while nobody seemed to around. I was never attacked—and I never even saw anyone (I didn’t even see my attacker)—until 57 others had been knocked out of the game.

Match 3: Jumped off the bus at my first opportunity; landed, ran into a building and got shot.

Match 4: I shot someone but they got the killshot.

Match 5: One of my Dungeons & Dragons buddies (User Name: Cirex3) wanted to play “Duos” with me, so we gave it a shot. To start, we didn’t have mics on, but we were still able to keep track of one another and gather materials and weapons but our first encounter with an enemy saw us both perish.

Fortnite Training Matches – Day One Part Two – Time to get Serious?

Match 6: Mics on; we talked a lot about Dungeons & Dragons while we gathered materials and weapons. I’m getting pretty good at gathering weapons (LOL) but I tend to miss the chests.

Matches 7-9: More of the same; I’m getting killed early leaving Cirex3 to fend for himself.

Match 10: I was eliminated by user Jesus. A sign maybe?

Matches 11-13: Death, death, and little bit more death. Somewhere in there Cirex3, got two kills.

Match 14: Essentially, we were just running away from the storm and getting caught. Cirex3 fell and got caught, slowly dying in the storm. Meanwhile, I forgot my sprint button keybind and ended up with 9 health. I just hid in a bush until the last possible second before attempting a last ditch kamikaze effort. And it almost paid off; we ended up 2nd place.

Match 15: Running on a our 2nd place high, we got killed almost immediately and ended up in 37th place. I was killed by ArmadilloLord21 who respectfully danced over my slowly dying corpse.

Fortnite Training Day One Recap for RolledSpine

I’ve got a lot or work to do. Thankfully, I’ve got a whole family and friends who are willing to help me.

Will I ever get good enough to play with the big boys and girls? Maybe, maybe not.

But, that’s not the point.

The point is spending time with my kids doing something they enjoy—even better, being asked to do it.

What are you favourite games to play with your kiddos? Tell us!

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