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Three Former Professional Wrestlers Die On Same Day

They say things happen in threes. Unfortunately, this cycle of three seems to always focus on tragedy.

The wrestling world mourns today as three former professional wrestlers have passed away: Nikolai Volkoff, Brian Lawler and Brickhouse Brown

Nikolai Volkoff

Just over a month ago I saw Nikolai Volkoff at a Comic Con.

He was sitting next to Tito Santana and they were both incredibly engaging with the people who had come to see them.

Mr. Volkoff even took the time to get his picture taken with the Munster Koach. He seemed to genuinely be enjoying himself.

When I was a child, he was one of the greatest heels in professional wrestling. Loved to dislike him! He did his job well!

By all accounts, as great as he played a heel, he was an even better person backstage.

Professional Wrestlers

Brian Lawler

Whenever I think of Brian Lawler, I can’t help but think of his tag team Too Cool, with Scotty 2 Hotty.

They were always able to bring the crowd to their feet and I looked forward to their high energy antics and ring skills every week.

And that was before they brought Rikishi to the fold.

Too Cool, Professional Wrestlers
Too Cool: From L to R Scotty 2 Hotty, Rikishi, and Grandmaster Sexay Brian Lawler Image Credit: WWE

Brickhouse Brown

To be frank, I wasn’t familiar with Brickhouse Brown, but he certainly had a positive effect on many professional wrestlers, Mick Foley chief among them.

Foley tweeted his condolences for his good friend.

Rest in Peace and thanks for the memories gentlemen.

What are your favourite memories of Nikolai Volkoff, Brian Lawler, and Brickhouse Brown? Tell us here.

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