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Leviathan #1 Review

Leviathan #1Leviathan #1 
Creators: John Layman and Nick Pitarra
Writer: John Layman
Artist: Nick Pitarra 
Colorist: Michael Garland
Letterer: John Layman
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: August 1, 2018

The Story

Ryan Deluca is having a party. Unfortunately, thanks to his buddy’s social media post, some unsavory types crash the party. Even worse, they finish all the beer!

While Ryan and his thoughtless friend, Johnny Burns, head off to buy more suds, one of the aforementioned party crashers summons a monster from the depths of Hell.

Destruction and love ensues.

The Writing

High octane; how else could you possibly describe John Layman’s script for Leviathan #1.

The first four pages were essentially a countdown. 4, 3, 2, 1: FIRE AND BRIMSTONE!

Romance! Comedy! Horror! Action! This story has it all, and it comes at you with blazing speed.

You get the feeling Layman was listening to a ton of speed metal when he was writing the script; Motörhead anyone?

The Art

Nick Pitarra’s linework is outstanding.

There are many sections of Leviathan where Pitarra’s art alone moves the story forward at breakneck speed.

Distorted faces with even more distorted expressions; there’s no mistaking what the characters are feeling. It takes you right up to the edge of silliness but never crosses it.

And then, when Michael Garland adds his talents with colors, you get some idea of what an acid trip must be like. Loud and bright are the order of the day for Leviathan.

Have I mentioned how much I love comic lettering? On my second and third pass of this roller coaster ride of a comic, Layman’s lettering, especially subtle little changes for one character in particular, shows just how much detail the creative team put into this collaboration.

No spoilers, you’ve got to check it out for yourself.

Final Thoughts – Leviathan #1

The first issue of Leviathan is an outright attack on the senses. It grabs you buy the throat, throttles you, and kisses you right on the mouth.

And it’s not one of those nice kisses either. It’s one of those big sloppy ones that will leave you looking for a towel and some disinfectant.

Especially after seeing a particular presidential portrait.

Leviathan #2 – ‘Til Death do us Part, Part II of V will be released September 5, 2018

Image Comics provided Pulp Nation with a Free copy for review.

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