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Fortnite Training Day Two for User RolledSpine

FortNite, Fortnite Training

Day two of Fortnite training!

My son (User Name: PhantomPT875) joined me today!

I decided I would simply follow his lead and learn about the different areas of the game and what strategies he employed.

Without further ado, our matches for the day!

Fortnite Training Matches – Day Two

Match 1: Communication is key for Duos (and Squads); we constantly kept each other aware of enemy players and useful weapons and materials. Ensuring we were both well stocked is key.

Match 2: I got my first actual kill. Shotgun blast knocked my opponent down and then I finished the job. Pretty exciting but also my only kill of the day!

Match 3: We were surrounded and ambushed; we never had a chance.

Match 4: We were down to the final 18 until I put myself out in the open and suffered a headshot. Oops! Sorry buddy!

Match 5: Our Dungeons & Dragons buddy (User Name: Cirex3) joined us so we moved onto Squads. We went to Snobby Shores, grabbed a golf cart and basically showed off our drifting skills. Kinda lost ourselves in the moment.

Fortnite Training Matches – Day Two Part Two – Time to get Serious?

Match 6: Just having fun with the boys. I went on a kamikaze run when I realized I put myself in a precious position. My son was showing off, “Chuggin in the open like a legend.” It didn’t help, we lost again.

Match 7: “Stop yelling at me!” “Stop moving!” “Where are you going?” “What the heck are you doing?” The most fun I’ve had playing a team game in a long time. Lots of laughs.

Matches 8-10: Hit a tree, killed as I landed, killed myself with another clinger.

Fortnite Training Day Two Recap for RolledSpine

Even with 100 people playing at once, gun battles don’t happen as often as you’d think.

Most time is spent gathering weapons and materials before a few seconds of battle.

Watching my boys and girls play Fortnite, I’ve realized that winning requires both skill and luck.

In order to be lucky though, you’ve got to be good. I had the drop on a couple folks (luck) but the they still got the better of me (skill).

It’s going to take awhile. I haven’t even tried building anything yet. The kiddos are fast, but i’m not giving up!

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