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Top Three Reasons Why Hating James Patterson Doesn’t Make Sense

James Patterson
James Patterson Image Credit: David Burnett

James Patterson gets a lot of flack from readers, critics, and even other writers—Stephen King being one of his most high profile critics.

What I find interesting that many of these “haters” haven’t even read his books. One such critic even said, “I have never once read a James Patterson novel in my entire life, and I assure you I never will.”

I’m sorry, what? Essentially, they don’t hate his work, they hate him. It’s personal. Where does this hatred—or dare I say jealously—come from?

James Patterson is not the Darth Vader of Book Publishers

Have you ever heard of readkiddoread.com? It’s a movement, started by James Patterson, that encourages children to read. Not only that, it provides parents with tools and resources to help get their kids reading.

Did you also know, he regularly gives his books away to soldiers overseas; provides millions to libraries and small bookstores; and grants for teachers to build classroom libraries?

He created a financially viable way to publish books while taking care of his family for generations. He’s also given authors exposure they might never have received on their own.

Everyday, I see people claiming he’s nothing more than a greedy, money hungry individual. And if you still think that after hearing about his charitable endeavors, I’m afraid I don’t know how to convince you otherwise.

James Patterson isn’t Claiming to be Someone He’s Not

Many people scream, “He doesn’t even write his own books!” Not even James Patterson denies this.

He’s quite open with how his process works; he writes an outline and offers the job of writing it to one of his many—willing, I might add—co-authors.

He’s been on the record in many interviews where he states he’s not writing literary masterpieces, it’s “commercial fiction.”

James Patterson Writes as Much Trash as Everyone Else

It’s funny, when people complain about Patterson’s writing many people bring up Stephen King as a comparison. “Stephen King is the real deal.”

Oh goodness, anyone who’s read any of King’s work and honestly critique it will know King rarely, if ever, uses outlines and just writes until he thinks that story is done.

This leads to unnecessarily long and meandering books, which generally lose their steam partway through.

My point is, King writes trash as do many other authors. Why is King revered but Patterson is not?

Now, I’m not saying that Patterson should be revered. Nor am I saying, I don’t enjoy King’s work. My bookshelves have both Patterson and King.

Final Thoughts

I make no qualms about enjoying a James Patterson novel once in awhile.

Is he my favourite author? No, not by a long shot, but hate the man? For what?

It just doesn’t make sense.






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