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MCMLXXV #1 – A Review

Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Ian MacEwan
Colorist: Brad Simpson
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: September 12, 2018

Have you ever taken a cab in Manhattan?

Neither have I, but I hear it can be pretty hairy sometimes. And after reading MCMLXXV #1 you might consider never doing so.

MCMLXXV (1975 for folks who have trouble with Roman Numerals) introduces a new type of folk hero—think Foxy Brown meets Buffy with an enchanted tire iron—Pamela Evans.

MCMLXXV #1 – Gritty, Fun, and New

In 1975, the streets of Manhattan were a dangerous place, especially after the sun went down. But thanks to Evans—a graveyard shift cabbie who takes out ninjas, monsters, and “assholes” while driving her fares to their destination—she kept the people safe.

In a comic era that seems to regurgitate much of the same content ideas and numerous reboots Joe Casey’s story is refreshing and unique. You won’t find any fancy costumes or gaudy backdrops here. What you will find is a relatable hero—aside from the glowing tire iron, I guess—and straight up dialogue without a hint of grandeur. Just a regular person doing her job.

Ian MacEwan’s art accompanied by Brad Simpson’s colors immediately immerse you in the 1970’s. Issue #1 looks like it came straight from a 1970’s era comic.Gritty realism draws in the reader and the story keeps them there.

Let’s All Go to the Movies

The action scenes have a cinematic feel, moving the story forward with perfect pace. And let me tell you, there are some big action scenes. It can be a recipe for confusion but not for this design team. The book flows flawlessly; no stray panels to distract or mix you up.

As usual, Rus Wooton’s lettering work is subtle and on point. (Wooton also worked with Joe Casey on New Lieutenants of Metal; you should check it out.) It’s easy to pick up on the rhythm of the voices; the dialogue and artwork flow together seamlessly.

Overall, MCMLXXV #1 is thoroughly enjoyable. It’s definitely a book you should consider putting on your pull list.

MCMLXXV #1 will be released September 12, 2018
Image Comics provided Pulp Nation with a free copy for review.

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