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Dungeons & Dragons – The Family Edition – Creating The World

It’s been decided; I am the family Dungeon Master (DM).

My two oldest kids and I have only been playing a few months, but we want to get our whole family involved in a family game. What’s great is that they all want to play.

Thankfully, every member of my family is creative in some shape or another. Role-playing won’t be difficult for any of them.

Here’s the challenge when playing with those nerds: creating a world that will peak their interest.

Where to Begin? Cartography!

I’ve decided to start off with outlining a map of small hamlet with the usual suspects. You know, curio shops, black smith, taverns, inns; the whole bit.

From there, a road will lead to other villages and a larger town. In between—where I see the bulk of the story happening—will be a magical forest, mystical lakes, hidden caves, and the like.

I haven’t even thought about the creatures within yet. I figure, create the world and then see what creatures make sense within different parts of the world and create a story based on that.

Even just outlining simple map makes me appreciate just how hard DMs work to create such an amazing atmosphere in which to play. After all, it’s one thing to simply add a building; I’ve got to add non-player characters (NPCs) to interact with and describe it in detail that makes it come alive. It’s not enough to simply say here’s a curio store or forge.

Is it daunting? Sure, but just the thought of how excited my family will be as they play the game makes it all worthwhile.

Have you got any ideas to help a new DM out? Please tell me!

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