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Abigail – A Sneak Peek Preview

Sacred Chaos Comics, Abigail

It’s not every day you get to see what happens behind the scenes of a comic book.

But, today is one of those days! I’ve been in touch with writer Clifton King who gave me a sneak peek at the script of his first project Abigail.

The ongoing comic book series will also be the first project for Sacred Chaos Comics—which King established in August 2018.

No Spoilers for You!

I received this script with the condition of no spoilers. Sorry Nation, you won’t find anything not already released by King himself.

What I can tell you is that I’m excited to see what King and artist Brandon Wagner have in store for Abigail and the Chosen.

Here’s a quick synopsis from King:

What happens in this narrative is a dark story (Sci-fi/Horror) of a virus that has been unleashed on our planet and the only way to survive is to bow before our new god who is the president. They have gotten their hands on immortal life and grant it only to the chosen that will follow every order given to them. It will also take you into the chosen’s present. It will tell you how they become ascended and become immortal to serve the almighty ones. The virus has had its time to change the earth as well and that is where missions for the ascended will take place.

Not at All Far-Fetched: Scary!

Well then, I need to see how this book plays out. I’ve seen the script folks. It’s got the potential to be a great book. Done right, the visceral images described within will remain etched in your brain. And here’s what scary: the story doesn’t seem far-fetched in the slightest.

Keep your eyes on this book’s progress and support indie comic creators!

But wait! There’s more! Look what came over the wire as I writing this article:

A finished piece of the Angels from artist Brandon Wagner and colorist Bryan Silverbax; it was released a short time ago on the Sacred Chaos Comics Facebook page.
Abigail, Sacred Chaos Comics

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