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Doctor Who Episode 1 (Series 11) – A Review

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Right off the hop, I need to tell you; I’ve never watched a single episode of Doctor Who.

Of course, I’ve heard of it. And I’ve never purposely avoided it. It’s just a matter of never sitting down to watch it.

Well, I took a moment to watch the series 11 premiere last night and I thought I would take a few more moments to give you my impression as a newbie.

The Doctor and the Troops… Team… Gang?

Obviously, I can’t compare her to the other Doctors but I can tell you the Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor is an absolute delight. From her first moments on screen, she steals each and every scene she’s in.

Almost gleeful when faced with extreme danger and standing firm with a steely resolve when it’s time to take control of the situation, she hits all the right notes entertainment-wise. Whittaker plays the role with such enthusiasm, she alone guaranteed that I will be keeping tabs on this series.

Throughout the episode, the Doctor is joined by Ryan (Tosin Cole), Yaz (Mandip Gill), Graham (Bradley Walsh), and Robin (Sharon D. Clarke).

As Doctor Who Episode 1 progressed, I couldn’t shake the feeling they weren’t given much to work with script-wise; there was very little character development. However, to be fair, there’s only so much you can do in what is essentially an introductory episode. The only exception was Sharon D. Clarke as Robin. She was a rock throughout the episode and was an instant favourite.

Clunky Plot With Some Holes

I must say, the plot and pacing are a little clunky at times.

At last count, there were at least two moments in the episode timing-wise that just don’t add up. One example: characters appearing in one place almost immediately after being in another place some distance away.

There were a couple other plot holes I won’t mention because I’m loath to give any spoilers, even minor ones, so soon after an episode has aired.

Doctor Who Episode 1: Final Thoughts

I’ll continue watching Doctor Who simply because I want to see what else Jodie Whittaker has in store for her role as Doctor.

As a standalone episode, Doctor Who Episode 1 had a few issues but they weren’t serious that I won’t watch again. Besides, a lot about the show has changed this series and so Doctor Who series 11 needs time to gel.

As a newbie, I’m hooked. It would be interesting to hear from old-school Whovians. What do you think?

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