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The Weekly Comet – October 10, 2018

The Weekly Comet

Hey Nation,

Welcome to Pulp Nation’s The Weekly Comet for October 10, 2018.

There’s some great releases this week! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Sponsor: Sketchbook Comics and Games
Sponsor: Sketchbook Comics and Games

What’s Good

Infinite Dark #1

Infinite Dark

Infinite Dark #1 was a heavy read but I’m better for it.

It makes you realize that our first world problems aren’t really problems at all.

A great effort with script from Ryan Cady, art from Andrea Mutti, colors from K. Michael Russell, and letters from Troy Peteri.

By Top Cow Productions for Image Comics.

Infinite Dark #1 will be released October 10, 2018.

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Murder Falcon #1

Murder Falcon

Murder Falcon #1 was a welcome change from some of the heavier books I had been reading and couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.

The story revolves around a character—Jake, a failure in his own eyes—that nearly everyone can relate to. It’s a fun story with a message and should be required reading for anybody who’s ready to give up.

One of my favourite stories of the year.

Daniel Warren Johnson does triple duty (Script, Art, and Letters), with Mike Spicer (Colors) and Rus Wooton (Letters).

Murder Falcon #1 will be released October 10, 2018

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ICYMI Last Week

Man-Eaters #1


Man-Eaters #1 was Andie’s first comic review and she absolutely loved it.

She loved the pace and the flow. She loved the artwork, the title, and the glitter. But, most of all, she loved the message from writer Chelsea Cain.

It’s a timely comic for all and of course, it’s from the Ministry of Trouble.

Great work from Chelsea Cain, Kate Niemczyk, Rachelle Rosenberg, Joe Caramagna!

Man-Eaters #2 will be released October 31, 2018.

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Death Orb #1

Last week, I mentioned I was intrigued by Death Orb #1 from Dark Horse Comics.

I was not disappointed in the least.

From Dark Horse:

Rider, an axe-wielding wasteland survivor, carves a bloody path across a war-torn North America ruled over by the Lords, the mysterious Father, and their cult followers as he searches for his abducted wife and child. Information from one of Father’s hired mercenaries could lead Rider to his family-if the Lords don’t take him out first.

Death Orb #1 is written by Ryan Ferrier with art from Alejandro Aragon and colors by Chris O’Halloran.

I hope you had a chance to pick this up!

Death Orb #2 will be released November 7, 2018

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Nation, what’s good? What exciting? Tell us!

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