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MCMLXXV #2 – A Review

Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Ian MacEwan
Cover: Ian MacEwan
Colorist: Brad Simpson
Design: Sonia Harris
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: October 17, 2018
Pulp Nation Rating: 10

In MCMLXXV #2, the hordes of the underworld are after Pamela and will stop at nothing—and go through anyone—to kill her.

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Going Deeper into Pamela Evans’ Origins

Superbly intertwined with exposition and action, Joe Casey gives us a deeper understanding of Pamela’s origins.

Once again, Casey makes excellent use of Prefect Patterson in quick snippets to keep us abreast of the worsening situation within Manhattan.

Additionally, the transitions between 1975 Manhattan and flashbacks are seamless.

Overall, the pace and flow of MCMLXXV #2 is outstanding and Casey leaves you wanting more.

The Underworld

Without giving up too much in the way of spoilers, MCMLXXV #2 introduces us to a new location: the underworld.

Ian MacEwan’s lines and Brad Simpon’s color choices within the underworld are stunning. The panels are exquisite and worthy of framing. There’s one particular panel (which I will post here after the issue is released) that evokes memories of Fujishima Takeji’s Sunrise over the Eastern Sea.

Fujishima Takeji, Sunrise over the Eastern Sea, Fujishima Takeji Sunrise over the Eastern Sea
Fujishima Takeji – Sunrise over the Eastern Sea , 1932

The art of MCMLXXV #2 is a perfect example of comics as serious art. Not that we’ve ever doubted it, of course.

As for lettering, Rus Wooton is the best in the business. I run the risk of sounding like a broken record but Wooton’s work is flawless. What Wooton gets paid isn’t enough.

Maybe’s it a little bit odd to gush over someone’s color choices and shapes of speech balloons, but I don’t care. I love what I love.

The MCMLXXV art/design team—which of course includes the incomparable Sonia Harris—is on top of its game.

MCMLXXV #2: Final Thoughts

MCMLXXV is a classic-in-waiting. It’s an exhilarating page-turner with action coming at you fast and furious while giving us an everyday hero to root for.

I can’t say enough good things about this ongoing series. MCMLVVX #2 is an amazing followup to issue #1.

MCMLXXV #3 can’t come fast enough!

This is a book you should definitely have in your pull list!

MCMLXXV #2 Cover

MCMLXXV #2 Cover, Ian MacEwan
Cover by Ian MacEwan

MCMLXXV #2 arrives in stores October 17, 2018.
MCMLXXV #3 is schedule for release November 14, 2018.
Image Comics provided a free copy to Pulp Nation for review.

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