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Dynamite Releases | December 12, 2018

Dynamite Releases | December 12, 2018

Check out these great releases from Dynamite Entertainment for December 12, 2018.

Vampirella Vs. Reanimator #1

Co-written by Cullen Bunn and Blacky Shepherd with art by Blacky Shepherd.

From Dynamite:

It’s the big question of 2018: How could Vampirella and the Reanimator not have met before now?!!?! Herbert West–the Reanimator–has long sought the secret to perfecting his reagent and break death’s hold on mankind once and for all. The key to his success lies in only one place–the forbidden tomb of the Aztec god of death!

But disturbing sleeping gods is as troubling (to put it mildly) as raising the uncontrollable, murderous dead… especially when this deity is an ancient enemy of Vampirella of Drakulon! It’s vampire versus mad scientist in a battle that threatens to tear the gates of the underworld asunder!


Written by John Jackson Miller with art from Daniel HDR.

From Dynamite:

The Galactica’s struggle is lonely no more, its fleet now joined by humanity’s new allies, the Okaati. But even as Captain Apollo wonders whether it was right to seek safety in numbers, the Comitat and the Cylons have been meeting — and plotting!

New York Times bestselling author and comics writer JOHN JACKSON MILLER (Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo) and Daniel HDR (Red Sonja, Superman) continue their miniseries timed for Battlestar Galactica’s 40th anniversary year!


Written by Jeff Parker with art from Bob Q.

From Dynamite:

“Rocket Sea” continues…Forced to surface in enemy waters, a damaged Royal Navy submarine docks at a mysterious island for repairs. Lieutenant James Bond leads a hunting expedition across the island. But while hunting beasts, he discovers a far more dangerous prey…


Written by Mark Russell with art from Bob Q.

From Dynamite:

Through trickery and guile, Tonto and The Lone Ranger foil the evil ranchers’ land grab, forcing them to turn to the deadliest bounty hunter in the west— a fop, a dandy, and a cannibal named Connor.


Written by Gail Simone with art from Walter Geovani.

From Dynamite:

The Lord of the Jungle and the She-Devil with a Sword finish their battle with the evil Eson Duul in the world-hopping, time-traveling epic conclusion!

After their lives, families, and worlds are put on the line, will Red Sonja and Tarzan be able to stop the most dangerous hunter either has ever faced? Or will the coldblooded killer find himself the most fearsome warrior left alive?


Written by Amy Chu and Erik Burnham with art from Ricardo Jaime.

From Dynamite:

An all-new 20-page Hyrkanian Holiday story where Sonja reminisces about the time she and Sir Max rescued a drunk Santa from the Grinch (Kulan Gath of course!) and learns the true meaning of Christmas. This also features the cutting-edge classic She Devil reprint story “Wizards of the Black Sun!”

The Shadow: Year One #1 Remarked Editions

Written by Matt Wagner with art from Matt Wagner.

From Dynamite:

THE SHADOW is a character that has lasted through decades on the pages of pulp magazines, over the radio airwaves, thru the silver screen, and in the panels of comic books. Shrouded in mystery, his origins have been explored and hinted at over the years…but never fully revealed.

Much is known of Kent Allard/Lamont Cranston’s years spent in the Orient and Central America-wherein he gains his powers and purpose…but not how he first developed his persona as the Master of Darkness.

Eisner Award-winning author, Matt Wagner is joined by artist Wilfredo Torres in an exhilarating 8-issue limited series that will explore the dynamic events that first drew Cranston back to the States, how he first met his companion and lover, Margo Lane, how he began to assemble his vast network of agents and how he first adopted the famous black hat and cloak as his alter-ego’s disguise-all secrets that, up until now…only The Shadow knew!


Written by Garth Ennis with art from Darick Robertson.

From Dynamite:

Dynamite is celebrating the announcement of The Boys’ AMAZON PRIME VIDEO live-action adaptation with a new offer courtesy of comics superstar Darick Robertson!

Treat yourself to this brutal, subversive take on superheroes with collections SIGNED by the artist himself. Collect a whole set!


Dejah Thoris Kickstarter

Check out the Dejah Thoris Kickstarter for advance deals and more!

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