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Escape at Dannemora | A Review

Escape at Dannemora
Escape at Dannemora: Benicio del Toro (L) as Richard Matt and Paul Dano (R) as David Sweat

Have you had a chance to watch the miniseries TV event Escape at Dannemora?

I just finished episode four (of seven) and, golly, you need to watch this show! 

Here’s some quick background:

Escape at Dannemora tells the story of the 2015 escape—and the events leading up to said escape—from the Clinton Correctional Facility by David Sweat and Richard Matt with help from Joyce Mitchell and Eugene Palmer. 

Joyce was an employee in the prison’s tailor shop and provided the inmates with tools they used to escape and was involved sexually with both men. Palmer, who claims he did not know of the escape attempt, provided art supplies and did favours for Matt who would give Palmer artwork and intel on other inmates.   

Ben Stiller Achieves Greatness from a  Solid Veteran Cast

Along with Ben Stiller behind the camera as director, Escape at Dannemora has an outstanding cast: 

  • Patricia Arquette as Joyce “Tilly” Mitchell
  • Benicio del Toro as Richard Matt
  • Paul Dano as David Sweat
  • David Morse as Gene Palmer
  • Bonnie Hunt as Catherine Leahy Scott
  • Eric Lange as Lyle Mitchell

Arquette is nearly unrecognizable as Tilly in both looks and personality; this role is sure to win her accolades among fans and critics alike. 

And what superlative hasn’t been used to talk about del Benicio? Whenever he’s onscreen you can’t help but be drawn to him; he’s a one-man tractor beam.

Stiller has created a smart, gritty, prison drama that is must-see television. No offense meant, but I’m not even going to pretend I thought he could pull that off. 

Escape at Dannemora Requires Patience that Will be Rewarded

When Sweat and Matt escaped in 2015, the media portrayed it as a non-stop action-adventure story. The truth is, it took an extended period of time for the whole story to develop. 

It’s a credit to the creators that they resisted the temptation to turn Escape at Dannemora into a two-hour action filled prison escape film. They chose to tell the story how things like this actually go down; that is to say, it’s told methodically and realistically.

With its built-in monotony, it can be difficult to keep tension levels high, but Escape at Dannemora pulls it off. 

Yes, it’s true that a little patience is required on the part of the viewer but we can’t expect to be handed everything right?

And believe me, your patience will be rewarded. 

What do you think about Escape at Dannemora? Tell us!

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