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Michael Davis, Co-Founder of Milestone Media, Did Not Pass Away—Hoax

Michael Davis of Milestone Media passes away.

Update: Oh for… Michael Davis is alive. Apparently, his social media accounts were hacked.

Upon reading about his demise at CBR, Davis contacted the author to let him know that he was, in fact, alive. The original article follows.

A sad day for comics, Nation. Michael Davis has passed away.

According to a message on his Facebook page, Michael Davis passed away on April 29, 2019.

To combat the fact minorities were vastly underrepresented in comic books, Davis, along with Daryl McDuffie, Denys Cowan, and Derek T. Dingle co-founded Milestone Media in 1992.

Milestone would be the driving force behind titles such as Static and Blood Syndicate inspiring minority creators such as Black and Black AF’s Kwanza Osajyefo.

Davis made no secret of his battle with depression.

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