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So You Didn’t Like the Game of Thrones Finale? – Grow Up

Game of Thrones

Well, the Game of Thrones finale has come and gone; many fans are upset for many reasons. Some reasonable, others, not so much.

Daenerys Would Never!

Daenerys The Good, Killing Innocents. Image by HBO and Sky Atlantic

Oh really? Any “fan” who tells you that Daenerys would never do such a thing as burning innocent people hasn’t been paying attention during the series.

Pretty much any time she met someone, it was, and I’m paraphrasing here, “bend the knee or die.” Does that sound like someone who was concerned about the people? Or rather was it someone who was more concerned about power.

The Sexism and The Lack of Diversity in Games of Thrones!

Grey Worm and His Queen. Images by HBO

People were upset that Dany was murdered because she was a woman, not because she was the spitting image of her dear, old dad.

Fans were aghast Grey Worm was shown as a stereotypical “angry black guy,” when Dany died. His queen was murdered—and from his perspective, there was no justification for it—and he wanted justice.

Aside from the fact that his loyalty blinded him—liberating people meant killing them—his anger was justified in his mind.

If Dany was male and Grey Worm was white this would have been fine with a particular subset of fans that are looking to create controversy that isn’t there.

Like we need proof people look to cook something up, Canada’s public broadcaster claimed medieval times were much more diverse than Game of Thrones would have us believe.

I’m sorry to inform you that if you’re looking to learn about the medieval times, a fantasy television program about dragons, a walking icicle with an army of the dead, and literal giants is probably not the place to start your research for your history paper.

Do we live in a world where all are treated as equals regardless of colour, creed, sexuality, belief, etc.? We most certainly do not. In fact, even in Canada, there are communities in which people live in third world conditions?

Here’s the thing: while the arts are a reflection of society, society is not necessarily a reflection of the arts.

However, if you think film and television producers should be leading the charge for equality, you need to open your eyes and grow up.

We Don’t Like The Result!

Bran the Broken. The Queen is Dead! Long Live the King! Image by HBO

Many people are upset that Game of Thrones didn’t give them the fairytale ending they—the viewers—deserved.

These complaints are among the dumbest in pop culture fandom. I will never understand what makes people think they deserve a particular ending, as if they’ve got some personal stake.

I’m sorry but that just doesn’t hold water. Aside from watching, did they invest time, money, or a good chunk of their mental health?

Yes, the showrunners made some mistakes, The Battle of Winterfell being literally unwatchable and compressing the story unnecessarily are two major glaring ones.

Having said that, not liking the end result of the story—any story really—is not for the fan to decide. At the end of the day, artists—writers, poets, artists, etc.—create for themselves.

Having passion is one thing; being unreasonable is quite another. The line between is a fine one, but it’s there.

Show! Don’t Tell!

Jon and Tyrion Meet a Dragon. Image by HBO

How many times did we see characters talk about something we never saw on the screen this past season? Too many times than we care to count.

The worst example must have been Tyrion Lannister telling Jon Snow of the latter’s fate rather than the viewers getting a chance to see it.

By most accounts, Game of Thrones showrunners had done a mostly bang-up job until this final season. The problem was they didn’t show enough while expecting viewers to assume too much during these final six episodes.

They envisioned Game of Thrones as a “73-hour movie” which is all well and good if you had actually have a 73-hour movie to write. The final season was akin to shoving 4 hours worth of story into the last 30 minutes of a film.

Game of Thrones Finale – Time to Move On People

Many of the complaints heard after the finale were nonsensical; others thought, actually made sense.

But now, it’s over. Time to move on to the next big thing.

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