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Harry Potter and the Father-Daughter Dynamic

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Book Cover
Image by Bloomsbury

Not that long ago, one of my younger daughters decided to give the Harry Potter book series a whirl.

I was very excited as the books are a surefire path to becoming a book worm! I have always enjoyed escaping into books and the many places you can visit and the lives you can lead without ever leaving your hometown.

To be sure, my girlie is already an avid reader but the Harry Potter series was the first series of books that we have both read.

Caught off Guard by Her Excitement For Harry Potter

What I didn’t count on was how excited and engrossed she would become with the Harry Potter universe.

As soon as she had completed a book in the series, she insisted on viewing the corresponding film with me.

And let me tell you, this young one is so much like me it’s scary. You see, while the films are great, she much prefers using her imagination when she reads the book.

Oh, I should also mention, she loves yelling out, “that’s not how they did it in the book!” Yep, her father’s daughter, no doubt.

My little girls, actually all my girls, love to read. Yet, I was always concerned about reading comprehension. Sure, they can read lightning fast, but could they answer even the most basic question about what they read.

Any doubts were completely erased when my girlie started reading Harry Potter. It was a wonder to behold.

Hermione’s Influence is Staggering

But, I have to say, the best part from my daughter’s Harry Potter fascination —aside from spending so much time together—is Hermione Granger.

As she reads more about Hermione, you can see that she looks up to her. She especially loves Emma Watson’s take in the films.

My daughter’s confidence is growing; she’s more likely to try something new and if it doesn’t work out, so be it; she simply tries again. Like Hermione, she’s become a more determined, confident young woman.

To be sure, there is a growing number of strong female characters to look up to in popular culture, but more Hermione Granger-types surely couldn’t hurt.

A Lifelong Love Between a Father, Daughter, and Re-Reading

Herbert—as I like to call my daughter—loves the series so much, she’s reading through it again.

To see her eyes light up when she’s talking about the series (or really any book she’s reading) is exhilarating.

Herbert and I have always had a special relationship—and not just because we have similar noses—but Harry Potter has brought us even closer. We’ve spent so much time together lately, she’s starting to look even more like me. Sorry about that Herbert.

The Skinny on Harry Potter and The Gang

Consequently, Harry Potter underscores how the arts are just as important as STEM subjects. They build confidence, and in this case, avid reading improves my daughter’s writing, which to be frank was already excellent.

The changes I’ve seen in my daughter since she first picked up Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone have been awe-inspiring.

I’ll tell you, there is nothing quite like seeing your child during their “Aha!” moment.

With thanks to J.K. Rowling, Emma Watson, Hermoine Granger, and Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg.

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