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Father’s Day with Atari Flashback 9 Gold

With all the fancy games the kids play these days, did I for one moment think they would even be interested in playing Atari games?

Yes, because great games are great games regardless of when they were created or what they look like.

Atari Flashback, Asteroids, Atari Flashback 9 Gold

The first few hours of play was dominated by the classic Asteroids, each person trying to best the score before. There was squeals, congratulations, and smiles all around.

And that is what Father’s Day is all about.

It’s not about gifts; it’s being surrounded by your family. I’ve only got a few years left while they’re still under the same roof. Soon enough they’ll have their own families so I’m savouring this while I still can.

And in case you’re wondering the current family Asteroid champion is Raine.

Raine with the Asteroids high score on the Atari Flashback console.
“All I Do is Win” The Family Asteroids Champion is Raine!

All the activity reminded of the times I played RBI Baseball with my Dad, playing Ms. Pac-Man with my Mom, or going to arcades with my brothers.

Good times.

Little sister Georgia is a champ in her own right. She’s currently the number one contender.

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