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NKOTB The MixTape Tour Stop in Toronto was a Blast from the Past!

NKOTB The MixTape Tour Poster
NKOTB The MixTape Tour

So about last night; I went to the New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) MixTape tour stop in Toronto with my partner Andie, her sister, and their childhood friend.

And we had a great time.

Three Babes and a Bradley Pre-Show at The MixTape Tour – No need for Bradley in the picture with all this awesomeness already there. – Image Credit Bradley Shea

Sure, there weren’t many dudes there, but I didn’t care. I have, what Mark Granovetter would call, a low threshold.

That is to say, I don’t need others to tell me what to like, I enjoy what I enjoy regardless of how popular it is or isn’t.

But, I digress.

The concert—once it got started—was essentially a non-stop party for those of a certain vintage and their progeny.

Slugga of Illtown Sluggaz, Founded by Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee

Vin Rock, of Naughty by Nature, and DJ Slugga got the crowd rocking with some earworms from the ’80s. I lost my mind for a brief moment when “We Built This City” blasted out of the speakers, much to the delight of my companions and those around us.

Inexplicably though, with the crowd sufficiently warmed up, it was another 20 minutes or so before NKOTB hit the stage. Let’s be clear though, while it was a hiccup, it was a minor one.

And Now, The Block Party! MixTape Tour Style

Once they hit the stage though, the crowd went bananas and the party didn’t stop until the last song was sung.

And believe me, there was singing last night. It’s been said, if it sounds like the recording, it’s probably the recording you’re hearing.

In Toronto, you heard every note, flat or not. This concert was the real deal. And while I wasn’t a huge fan back in the day, I have come to appreciate their talent and staying power.

Of course, the MixTape tour Toronto stop had some other amazing acts: Tiffany—whom NKOTB credit for their lucky break—Debbie Gibson, Naughty by Nature, Salt-N-Pepa, and even a surprise appearance by Snow.

Wanted! Salt-N-Pepa for Stealing the Show

Salt-N-Pepa Logo trademarked by S & C Productions, Inc

Everyone did a great job last night, but in my mind, Salt-N-Pepa stole the show. You know how sometimes you will see a group that’s been around for a while and it seems like they’re kinda stale?

Not so with Salt-N-Pepa. Their act is as fresh as it was from the beginning. They still got the skills on the mic and the attitude; they were absolutely the Salt-N-Pepa you remember while remaining true to themselves and to their fans, old and new.

The MixTape Tour Hit All The Right Notes

The Toronto concert also had some nice local touches featuring appearances by the World Champion Toronto Raptors North Side Crew, The Raptor, and a surprise appearance from Darrin Kenneth O’Brien, known to his many fans as Snow performing his biggest hit, Informer.

The MixTape tour stop in Toronto was a rocking party that could have gone through the night. Don’t make the mistake thinking that middle-aged ladies and fellas can’t bop.

We might be a little slower than back in the 80s but if The MixTape Tour is any indication, we still have it.

And of course, The MixTape Tour performers; they still have it too. Can’t wait for the reunion tour in another 30 years.

Have you seen The MixTape Tour? Tell us about it here!

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