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Cleaning Up the Clutter

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My goodness, there was a ton of clutter on Pulp Nation.

I’ve been cleaning up the site to try and streamline it and make it more efficient. I’ve removed a number of old irrelevant categories, tags, and posts. To put it bluntly, it was a cluster*swearword*.

But now it’s starting to feel organized which gives us room to create without sifting through the chaff.

On the offline side, I’m doing the same thing. What people may not know is I’m a creator as well, but I’m always moving from one project to another without completing the previous project. (The main reason why you never see any of my projects)

Improved time management, organization, as well as removing clutter—both physically and psychologically—has had an extraordinary effect on my output.

You’ve Got to Let Go!

You want to move forward? You need to let go of the things that are holding you back.

Here are some examples from personal experience:

  1. Other people’s expectations
  2. Toxic relationships
  3. Projects you aren’t going to do

Let’s be blunt, creating for anyone but yourself is a personal disservice. The moment you let someone else’s expectations affect your work, you’re toast.

To that end, many times other people’s expectations are intertwined with toxic relationships with those same people. To be sure, severing those ties is hard but absolutely necessary.

And the longer you wait to sever those ties, the harder it gets, when it’s time don’t equivocate around; be decisive and rip it off like a bandage. Of course, that’s easier said than done, but after the first time, it will get easier.

My biggest problem: too many project ideas. So I need to ask myself a two-part question:

Will quality suffer because my focus is spread out too thin, and if so, what do I focus on?

The first part of the question is easy: Yes.

The second part? Not so easy.

One look at my selection of art supplies will tell you that. Paints (watercolor, acrylic), colored pencils (watercolor, standard); markers (alcohol-based, water-based); card making supplies, etc.

Pulp Nation Creators, What Say You?

So Nation, what do you do to keep yourself together?

How do you remove the clutter—especially the cognitive clutter—so you can create?

Have you check out last Sunday’s article, Pulp Nation Mini-Manifesto?

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Up the Clutter

  1. It truly get hard sometimes. The hardest ones are some of the relationships you build during a creative time period and then to only learn the toxic behavior like you mentioned above. To remove this kind of clutter is just holding back the personal feelings you have and make it strictly about business. When it comes down to it, that is what it is all about in the creative industry.

    The cognitive clutter is a whole different matter. Sometimes you just get so busy with life that you keep just setting your project up on the shelf. I have learned that you just need to set that one hour a day to yourself for creating. I found sticking to that hour every day has really helped. Even if I just sit there in my own thoughts thinking of new material and not writing anything. It is all progress. It may not even be on what I was working on, but it is just good to let the creative juices flow no matter where they head.

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