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Strangers Things Fans, Do You Copy?

Stranger Things Season 3
Stranger Things Season 3 – Teaser Trailer Screen Grab

I guess that being late to dinner has implications in all facets of living. Like all who found themselves caught up in STRANGER THINGS, Bradley and I were amped for the next installment, eager to jump into the collective Delorean and fly through time, back to the era of my childhood. And so, on July 4, 2019, Stranger Things 3 was released.

And where was I?

I could offer up a myriad of excuses as to why the tube was not immediately turned on and our hunger satisfied but I won’t bore you. Needless to say, Stranger Things 3, now just a few weeks old is transmitting and we are hungry.

I’ll admit I was worried. Chapter Three was viewed from behind seriously fatigued eyes born of the ever-evolving and endless sense of defeat the daily struggle one encounters in Family Court provides, our current crap du jour. And well, from being parents; to a young adult, a smattering of teens (an adept word choice seeing as they are utter slobs), and a set of pre-teens, or rather “tweens” as they have discovered they have been labelled. Regardless we were whipped yet hopeful that a re-immersion would fill us up.

As “Suzie, Do You Copy?” seemed to be tripping over its’ Chuck Taylors, Bradley and I lamented the possibility that season three might be a mere shadow of the nascent greatness of seasons one and two. Dragging on for, like, ever (just as my 80s slang is now) our characters meekly engaged in familiar encounters, as if they too were worried and tired. And then…

“Take a Chill Pill” I heard someone say…(sorry)

The Power of Alexa

My beautiful sister, unbeknownst to her, made an online post regarding Stranger Things, cryptically calling to us. We tuned in and were stoked! (crap! Sorry again) Thank the powers that be! Seemingly out of nowhere our heads were smacked into the Upside Down of 1985 Hawkins.

With a moderate reduction in the number of chapters, now eight in total, the monsters of the Upside Down strapped us into The Great Canadian Minebuster of my youth, never letting go. Critics seem to be generally in agreement that Season 3 is a return to what made Stranger Things a hit in the first place. I felt Season 2 was on point, doing its job to move the characters along, fill in some potholes, and ultimately set Season 3 on terra firma.

Robin, played by Maya Hawkes, daughter of Ethan and Uma Thurman, scoops frozen goodies alongside Steve Harrington a graduate not knowing where to go next. Right from the get-go, joined by the always intense Dustin, we find the mainstay of not just the Starcourt Mall, but the town of Hawkins.

David Harbour moves relentlessly forward as Hopper, Hawkins’ police chief and Eleven’s dad. Curmudgeonly yet engaging, Hopper elicits sympathy and laughter in equal measure. Any Stranger Things article would be remiss without praise for Winona Ryder, (f#$%k I love that woman!) who never lets you down.

If you haven’t already, get your couch potato on and binge watch Stranger Things 3!

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