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The Walking Dead Run Ends on a High Note

A couple of days ago, I finished the self-imposed task of binge-reading the Complete The Walking Dead comic series.

Even though I had kept up-to-date, I thought it appropriate to re-read the whole series before reading the final issue #193. And I’m glad, I did.

Robert Kirkman ended the comic at just the right time. In his letter, he spoke about how he tried to create more story but it just felt like filler.

Whereas good writers can spin a good yarn, great writers like Kirkman let the story tell itself. As a result, the story ended to paraphrase a certain wizard, precisely when it was meant to.

Of course, I’m disappointed that it’s over; it was a great story with great characters that readers became emotionally invested in.

You’ll know what I mean if you had the chance to read “Letter Hacks”—the fan letters at the back of every issue. Many fans weren’t shy about sharing the views. To be honest, “Letter Hacks” was every bit as entertaining as the actual issues.

The Walking Dead TV Version No Match for the Comic

It’s disappointing that the TV version doesn’t have the same feel.

Unlike the TV version, I’ve never lost interest in the comic. I was never disappointed in the comic, not once.

To be frank, I lost interest in the TV version of TWD a long time ago; the season 6 finale was terrible and the season 7 premiere sealed the deal.

As I’ve said before, it wasn’t the cliffhanger I was upset about, it was the showrunners taking a 10-minute episode and putting it on repeat, but I digress.

Robert Kirkman created a masterpiece built on surprise and it ended just as it should have, without warning and on a high note.

Of course, it’s not the end of The Walking Dead universe. In fact, there’s a new female-lead series starting filming this summer and even the possibility of a Negan comic spin-off.

In the meantime, every good thing needs to end at some point. And while it’s unfortunate, we can always re-read it.

Thank you to Kirkman and crew; it’s been a wonderful ride.

What now Pulp Nation? What’s the next big comic?

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